There I Go

Gucci Mane (Ft. J. Cole)

Martin Luther King once had a dream that the trappers and book bag rappers would come together like this. What a beautiful time we’re living in.

It’s always dope seeing two legends join forces in their older years (except for when it happens in the NBA). It’s even cooler when those two legends took completely different paths to get where they are today. While Gucci Mane is a trap legend who has been creating trap bangers for a few decades now, J. Cole came up in an era where the skinny ninjas began to strive. To see them come together for this “There I Go” single in 2023 borderline brings a tear to my eyes.

“There I Go” boasts kick-ass production from Mike WiLL Made-It (Mike is making a helluva comeback). Over it, J. Cole and Gucci Mane rap their asses off. In their verses, they use raw, old-school rap deliveries to speak about their knack for pulling big booty chicks, how trill they are, and how much their diamonds go burrr. They also pay homage to one another. I think fans will rock with the song’s catchy hook (Courtesy of Cole) and just how traditional it sounds.

Gucci Mane is prepping to release a brand new album called Breath Of Fresh Air very soon. These past couple of months, he’s dropped a few singles off it, such as “Broken Hearted,” “Now It’s Real,” and “Married With Millions.” This “There I Go” single might be the one that really catches people’s attention.

Give “There I Go” a shot below. Also, make sure you stay tapped into RGM to hear about more major releases!