A perspective 80s pop song.

Australian singer, songwriter, and actress Lenka has been active in the music industry for over a decade, starting her career during her teenage years at the Australian Theatre for Young People and later gaining roles in Australian TV shows and films. In 2007, Lenka relocated to California and released her debut self-titled album, which peaked at number 142 on the US Billboard 200, with the single “Everything at Once” achieving global success. She has since released three more albums, accumulating millions of streams, views, and clicks. Lenka’s latest single is “Silhouette.”

“Silhouette” is a dazzling pop gem that sounds like a blast from the past with its stylized vintage flair, carrying vibes that remind you of a dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Lenka wows listeners with her artistic duality, toeing the line between heavy introspection and the lightheartedness found in pop. By revamping old ’80s synths to create her own current sound, she gives listeners a taste of nostalgia while remaining contemporary. Content-wise, Lenka describes the sentiments of not feeling whole as a person, which aligns with attributes found in emotional numbness and derealization. With her veteran status as an artist, Lenka crafts a piece that camouflages as fun while exploring human existence. If you’ve ever felt like a “Silhouette,” you’ll enjoy streaming Lenka’s new single!