Ho Chi Minh


I knew Bas was from Vietnam!

Dreamville has been pretty quiet this year. While we’ve gotten some big-time features from J. Cole in the past few weeks, the rest of the crew has been moderately quiet. That should all change in the next couple of weeks, though. Rumors have it that JID is prepping to release a few projects by the end of the year. Also, Bas has been in the lab working, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped an album, either. Today, the New York native gifted us his latest single: “Ho Chi Minh.”

Bas’ prior single was called “Passport Bros,” so you shouldn’t be surprised that this one is called “Ho Chi Minh.” What does surprise me is that the song is a little on the dark side. In it, Bas drops introspective bars about self-destruction, resilience, and using hard drugs over moody production that will remind you of the end of Kanye’s “Runaway” hit. While I love hearing Bas rap rap again, at the same time, I hope his mental is straight.

Give Bas’ “Ho Chi Minh” a shot below. Also, stay tapped into RGM to hear more new releases from the Dreamville veteran!