Eric Frank

A soulfully smooth pop single that makes quite the impact.

Erik Frank is a singer and songwriter who crafts attention-grabbing music. The artist, who is 22 years old, was born in a tiny village with just 200 inhabitants before relocating from Spain to France, then to the UK, and ultimately to the United States. Though he came from “humble beginnings,” the singer has since gained plenty of traction in the music industry, and his work has reached more than 300 million streams. Eric Frank has even been nicknamed the “Melody Genius” by Grammy-nominated producer Jayson DeZuzio. The songwriter’s attention-grabbing “blend of R&B, pop, and hip-hop is as unique as the countries he’s lived in.” One of Eric Frank’s recent releases is the pop single “Future.”

With a hypnotic blend of easygoing instrumentals and uplifting beats, “Future” offers a wonderfully dynamic backdrop to complement the song’s heartfelt exploration. Lyrics like “I can’t let your power in my head, You think that my love is a game” and “Never made it easy to express my love, Everything you like is just comfortable” hear the artist reflect on the past while looking ahead to the future. With its mellow R&B vibes and a delightfully dreamy sense, Eric Frank gifts us a soulfully smooth pop single that makes a severe impact. So press play and get ready for the “Future.”