What Was I Thinking

Adam Knight

A heartfelt pop tune about moving on from heartbreak.

Southern Oregon native Adam Knight is a singer-songwriter with a unique sound that stands out. With a long-standing love for tunes, the artist grew up “steeped in soul, r&b, and acoustic music from his parents.” In his work, Adam Knight is “a versatile performer equally singing pop, neo-soul, EDM, r&b, and acoustic genres.” He is best known for his popular single “I’ve Got the Gold,” which has racked up over 30 million streams worldwide. The singer’s “incredibly passionate and soulful live stage presence and rich and vulnerable voice” has earned him plenty of fans. Adam Knight’s latest drop is the pop single “What Was I Thinking.”

With a delightful blend of infectious instrumentals and hard-hitting beats, “What Was I Thinking” provides the perfect dramatic backdrop to complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “Hit the road baby, And pack your bags, Go on and leave, You broke my heart, Now it’s clear to me” and “How can I forget, About the dreamin thought of you, Running around behind my back, Can make me feel like a fool” reflects on the pain of finding out your partner is unfaithful. With its soulful vocals and wonderfully relatable narrative, Adam Knight gives us an ear-pleasing pop single that thoughtfully examines moving on from a bad relationship. So press play and say goodbye to your toxic ex with “What Was I Thinking.”