Adding Up

Nu Deal (Ft. Btl Nari)

Contemplation never sounded so good. 

In Florida and Pennsylvania, the emerging collective of producers and songwriters known as Nu Deal Music Group has made their mark. This versatile group fearlessly explores an array of genres including Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Afrobeat, and Reggae while collaborating with artists from all corners. Their most recent release, “Adding Up,” transforms indecisiveness into a certified banger.

“Adding Up” is a high-octane fusion of Hip-Hop and Afrobeat that ignites any gathering, setting the stage for dance-floor fervor. The track narrates the journey of a couple giving love a second chance, leaving the question of its endurance lingering. Nu Deal and Btl Nari deliver standout performances on this captivating single, leaving listeners eager for their future collaborations. Don’t miss the electrifying experience of “Adding Up” by Nu Deal Music Group.