You Shouldn’t Have

Instant Classic & Purpose

Instant Classic and Purpose kill this s**t!

Instant Classic and Purpose, hailing from different corners of the globe (South Africa and Australia, respectively), may have different origins, but they undeniably share a common thread of being highly skilled and charismatic rappers. In “You Shouldn’t Have,” their synergy is apparent.

“You Shouldn’t Have” weaves a narrative centered around desire and the allure of women with irresistible physiques, capable of captivating men worldwide. What sets this track apart is the storytelling prowess exhibited by both Instant Classic and Purpose in their respective verses. Their lyrics are cleverly crafted, featuring witty punchlines that keep the listener engaged. The infectious hook and the lively, club-ready production further enhance the song’s appeal.

Is it wrong for me to say that I want to hear this song at pool parties, nightclubs, and poppin’ shoe stores?