I Like It


Who would have thought that love today could resemble that of the 90s?

Sydney-raised singer and songwriter Melkior connects with his fans, offering glimpses into his life, heartbreak, and intimate moments through the medium of R&B. His sensual vocals and tender lyrics have resonated with listeners, resulting in tracks like “Won’t Hold On,” “Not For Discussion,” and “Need You.” In his latest single, “I Like It,” Melkior draws inspiration from 90s R&B love songs, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary blend.

“I Like It” is a significant throwback for R&B enthusiasts, but at the same time, it maintains a modern twist with its contemporary sound. The upbeat melody complements Melkior’s vocals, inviting fans to embrace the vulnerability that accompanies love. So, don’t miss out on his newest single, “I Like It,” available for listening below.