“Only” is expected to be on Sampha’s upcoming album “Lahai.”

It’s Sampha season once again! Today, the beloved singer has returned to the music scene with a brand-new single titled “Only.” Can you believe that since 2017, he’s only released one full-length project? 

In “Only,” Sampha’s lyrics delve into his life and experiences. He touches on moments of uncertainty regarding his purpose (“Still here, only God knows why”), yearning for serenity (“Dreams of a beach with a house behind”), and pondering the swift pace of life. The song’s production features sunny vibes, touching piano keys, and rhythmic hi-hats, all while Sampha delivers his signature laidback and free-spirited singing style. Altogether, it’s a captivating and unique musical composition.

Are you excited about “Only” and what it might foreshadow for Sampha’s upcoming album, LAHAI? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!