This fresh pick is a track you’ll find joy in playing. 

Ay Wing, a Swiss singer, songwriter, and producer, crafts music that resonates deeply with listeners, touching both their hearts and minds. Her unique style combines mesmerizing R&B beats with intricate and intimate lyrics, resulting in a sound that beautifully blends dreamy realism. Some of her independent releases, such as “Luv Lye,” “Velvet Room,” and “Antidote,” have garnered attention. However, her debut album, Bloodstream, which she released in 2022, truly invites audiences into her world with vulnerable lyrics and powerful yet tender vocals. Ay’s latest release is “Dionysus” with Chuuwee.

Listeners can expect chill beats and unmatched vibes that evoke memories of glimmering summer sunsets when they plug in their headphones for “Dionysus.” The song weaves a captivating narrative about the duality of humanity, drawing inspiration from the Greek God of the same name. Ay Wing infuses the track with groove-based melodies rich in funk and soul, making it irresistibly appealing. Furthermore, rapper Chuuwee contributes a majestic verse that enhances the song’s overall radiant energy. If you’re prepared to embark on a profound journey into the fun and chaos that resides within all of us, “Dionysus” is a must-listen.