Billy Bones

Billy Bones proves he has that dog in him in “Paws.”

Billy Bones is a hip-hop artist from South East London who wears his heart on his sleeve. Since emerging on the scene with “Earning” in 2019, he’s blessed us with impactful, powerful hits such as “Silent Mode,” “Bathing Ape,” and more. Billy’s latest single is the introspective “Paws.”

In “Paws,” Billy Bones talks about the work he has put in these past couple of years, feeling like an outcast, and how much he relies on his music to get his s**t off. Billy plows through the song, which is powered by this beautiful piano-driven beat that has some knock to it. In other words, he never sounds unmotivated or like he doesn’t want this rap s**t to take him places. If you are an aspiring artist like him, I guarantee you will connect with “Paws.”

Give “Paws” by Billy Bones a shot below. If you don’t, he might put some paws on you.