Down Like That

Bryson Tiller

I can literally hear Bryson Tiller counting the money he got for making this song (Y’all don’t hear money flipping in the background?).

OK, I admit it: I am getting frustrated with how Bryson Tiller has been moving lately. Since dropping A N N I V E S A R Y in 2020, we’ve heard him on weak-ass SoundCloud projects, Christmas albums, “The Chipmunk Song” (I s**t you not), and all kinds of EDM s**t. We all know what we want from Bryson, and he’s not giving it to us. To make matters worse, today, he dropped a new single called “Down Like That” for the Paw Patrol soundtrack (Jesus).

I want to preface my comments by saying this: “Down Like That” is not a bad song at all. It’s bouncy, energetic, fun, infectious, and catchy. It just doesn’t sound like your typical Bryson Tiller song. As a matter of fact, it sounds like some super duper pop s**t that Jason DeRulo would make (I hate that I had to send strays your way, DeRulo). Maybe if I send this track to my son, he will f**k with it (I need to stop thinking that every song created was meant for me to enjoy). 

I’m a few months away from being sick of Paw Patrol (My son isn’t quite old enough to consume TV shows like that).