Cam’ron seamlessly transitions from sports media star to rap star with the release of “The Lost Files: Vol. 1.”





3. It’s Only Money

Cam’ron practically says, “y’all must’ve forgot” in “It’s Only Money.”

There’s something about rappers talking their s**t over militant beats that moves the needle. That’s precisely what happens in “It’s Only Money.” Throughout the song, Cam’ron uses this sluggish rap style to speak on the money he hasn’t spent yet, the money he has on his wrist, and the money he has made throughout the years. He also reminds us that he is still with the s**ts and that he’s still the ultimate ladies man. More than anything, I feel like Cam sounds like his regular degular self in this joint.



2. Shakin

We get classic Killa Cam in “Shakin.”

I knew we would get a classic Cam’ron performance once I heard the soulful, church-like beat drop. From there, we get a bunch of familiar cadences and flows, an incredibly catchy hook, and pure Dipset-level swag.  As for lyrically, Cam does tons of reflecting, bringing up s**t he went through during his childhood. He also briefly breaks down how much money he makes a year (Yep, he allows you in his pockets).



1. Run It Up

A Cam’ron who’s been on a winning streak is deadly.

Cam’ron brags and boasts non-stop in “Run It Up.” Not only does he talk about stiff-arming deals from FanDuel and DraftKings, but he also talks about turning princesses into hoes, almost running up on DJ Khaled, and predicting his retirement from rap years ago. Gassed up by this instrumental that will remind you of Godzilla stopping on buildings and s**t, Cam hits us with his cockiest deliveries, sounding like a dude with several big-time contracts sitting on his kitchen counter.


1. Run It Up (4/5)

2. Go & Get It (3.5/5)

3. Critics (3/5)

4. Get Mine Regardless (3/5)

5. Top Of The Pyramids (Ft. Styles P) (3/5)

6. Blow My High (2.5/5)

7. Shakin’ (3/5)

8. It’s Only Money (3/5)




Cam’ron has undoubtedly left his mark on the rap scene and has remained a beloved figure for many fans. While his recent endeavors, like the popular sports show “It Is What It Is,” have kept him relevant in different ways, The Lost Files: Vol. 1 marks a return to his rap roots.

In this project, Cam’ron may not reach the iconic heights of his pink jacket era and oversized cellphones, but he brings a unique flair to the table. What sets this release apart is his unmatched ability to talk his talk with swagger and authenticity. He can rightfully boast about his hall-of-fame rap career and substantial earnings from ventures like Underdog Fantasy, making his braggadocio feel well-earned. However, it’s evident that The Lost Files: Vol. 1 is some light s**t. Cam’ron’s enthusiasm is low, and some flows he uses seem familiar. This project may be more about having fun than aiming for chart-topping hits.

For fans, this release might offer a glimpse into Cam’ron’s current artistic mindset, showcasing his evolution as an artist and entrepreneur. While it may not replicate the heights of his past successes, it still provides a window into the mind of a hip-hop veteran who continues to find new ways to engage with his audience. It’s an intriguing addition to Cam’ron’s catalog, reminding us that even when he’s having fun, his talent and charisma shine through.

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