You Don’t Even

iann dior

iann dior is one of my favorite alternative hip-hop artists.

iann dior is one of the few young artists that completely disappears after he leaves the studio. Seriously, I’ve never seen him in public, heard about any women he’s f**ked with, or saw him play basketball at Rico Hines. Yet, he’s someone who’s an entirely open book in his music. Today, iann returned to the music scene with an emotional new single called “You Don’t Even.”

In “You Don’t Even,” iann dior confesses that he’s broken now that his chick has left him for dead. Though the song boasts a pretty depressing topic, you do get a beat that’s somewhat sunny and intoxicating vocals that only enhance iann’s vulnerable lyrics. Will folks in the bando think this song is cool? Probably not. Will some of us who are grown enough to admit that we’ve all had our hearts broken by someone at least once in our lifetime think this song is cool? Absolutely. 

Give “You Don’t Even” by iann dior a shot below.