Joyner Lucas

Joyner, when is this f**king album going to be released?

Remember how we used to get four or five singles out of an artist before they released an album? That’s how Joyner Lucas moves when it comes to his album rollouts. This year, he’s already dropped five singles: “Cut U Off,” “What’s That,” “Blackout,” “Devil’s Work 2,” and now “Seventeen.” Below, I will talk about the latter.

Out of all the singles I listed, “Seventeen” might be my favorite. First and foremost, how can you not love how Joyner Lucas flips Mac Miller’s classic “Donald Trump” beat? (Yes, Mac has a song dedicated to Donald Trump. This was before Donald was orange, though). Aside from that, I like how he raps about his come-up, how arrogant he is today, and how ready for war he is. As expected, the Massachusetts MC hits us with dynamic flows throughout. As a matter of fact, you’ll find it dope how he switches gears on the front fearlessly. All in all, “Seventeen” is a song that will make you feel really good inside.

Give the fantastic “Seventeen” a shot below.