Do Me Like You Do


A captivating tune about craving a problematic person.

MICHA is an artist who is “determined to blur the lines between pop, alternative, and singer, songwriter.” With plenty of passion for tunes, the artist’s musical preference includes everything from classic songs to modern hits. Before the pandemic, MICHA was part of a duo known as Micha and Julia. While the pair found success, both ultimately decided to focus on pursuing solo careers. Moving forward, MICHA decided to craft tunes in Nashville, Tennessee. This year, the artist was also chosen to play the Pop Ronde and can be seen performing at one of the 40 venues selected for this tour in the Netherlands. MICHA’s latest drop is “Do Me Like You Do.”

With a soul-stirring blend of bold beats and infectious instrumentals, “Do Me Like You Do” offers a mesmerizing backdrop to beautifully complement the track’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “I wanted to, stumble through the desert that you put me through, Thirsty for the water that I drank from you” and “nothing that I found came close to what she gives me, A little bit of life, And even though it’s wrong, She can only do right” reflect on craving a problematic person. With its powerful vocals and a well-crafted narrative, MICHA gifts us a captivating new single that thoughtfully explores the struggle of longing for a toxic partner. So, press play and experience the pain and passion of “Do Me Like You Do.”