A few more song ratings for your head top.

Peezy, Money Man & Larry June – Fashion Week



I don’t know why I am so shocked that Peezy, Money Man, and Larry June decided to spit bars over Lil Wayne’s classic “PMW” beat in this song. At the end of the day, they kill this s**t! I love the consistent flows they rap with and the swagged-out lyrics they hit us with throughout. I just wish these negroes didn’t all sound drowsy.

BJ The Chicago Kid & Coco Jones – Spend The Night



BJ The Chicago Kid used to be my R&B plug. Unfortunately, I haven’t paid much attention to him these past few years. On Friday, BJ returned to the music scene with a smooth new dance track called “Spend The Night.” That’s a little surprising because he’s typically on some emotional R&B s**t. I’m happy to hear it, though.

Flyana Boss, Missy Elliott & Kaliii – You Wish 



Flyana Boss and Kaliii’s “You Wish” hit just got better. This past weekend, a remix to the track that features the legendary Missy Elliott hit streaming services. Together, the trio causes mayhem through explosive flows, sly deliveries, and super cocky lyrics (I love that Missy demands her flowers in her verse).

Jaidyn Alexis – Post Opp



This might legit be the worst song I’ve ever heard. The flows that we get from both Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface are God-Awful. The hook acts like it’s a flex, but it’s not at all (Who the f**k brags about possibly dying on the operating table trying to get a BBL?). Can I unhear this s**t?

Flo Milli – Chocolate Rain



I rock with Flo Milli’s work ethic. It reminds me of Wayne’s when he was poppin’ back in the day. With the release of “Chocolate Rain,” a song that sounds like a quirkier version of Kelis’ “Milkshake” hit, Flo continues to prove that she can create very catchy commercial hits.

neverendingspliff – So Bad



neverendingspliff has a fantastic rap name. He also happens to be a phenomenal rapper. In “So Bad,” he shines by hitting us with dynamic flows and lyrics that feel genuine, direct, and savvy. neverendingspliff is definitely a huge talent.