College Girls

NLE Choppa

I’m not sure the University of Phoenix has freaks like that…

NLE Choppa is definitely a wild boy. Since emerging on the music scene, he’s been yelling into mics, fearlessly switching his style, and living life on the edge. I am definitely living vicariously through this negro. NLE’s latest single, “College Girls,” a song inspired by a three-some he had at a college, highlights how reckless he’s capable of being.

In “College Girls,” NLE Choppa talks about all the college parties he’s been to and all the college women he’s been able to smash. While you would think the song would be on some high-energy s**t, surprisingly, it’s not at all. It is powered by a pretty emotional beat and a somewhat dramatic rap style from NLE. Based on this song’s tone, you would think he was partying at BYU.

Of course, a dude with zero student loans to pay will make a song like this.