Find out what we think are the top 5 albums/projects from this past week.

Honorable Mention. BACK2DATRAP (D+), Welcome To Bubba Land (D+), Speshal Machinery (B-)

Lancey Foux dropped your weekly Playboi Carti-like project in BACK2DATRAP, Real Boston Richey dropped your weekly generic trap album in Welcome To Bubba Land, and 38 Spesh and Conway dropped your weekly gritty-ass project in Speshal Machinery. While I think the latter is better than most of the projects I ranked higher, I don’t think it should be listened to before them.




DIAMONDS is a remarkable album that showcases Lil Peep’s artistic brilliance and ILOVEMAKONNEN’s fearless creativity. It’s a musical journey through love, pain, and self-discovery, marked by intoxicating melodies, raw vulnerability, and a timeless feel. Although the two artists’ singing is God-awful at times, it’s fun seeing them tear through musical boundaries.



4. Cam’ron – The Lost Files: Vol. 1 (D+)

In The Lost Files: Vol. 1, Cam’ron may not reach the iconic heights of his pink jacket era and oversized cellphones, but he brings a unique flair to the table. What sets this release apart is his unmatched ability to talk his talk with swagger and authenticity. He can rightfully boast about his hall-of-fame rap career and substantial earnings from ventures like Underdog Fantasy, making his cockiness feel well-earned. 



3. James Blake – Playing Robots Into Heaven (I have no clue how to rate this album)

Playing Robots Into Heaven embarks on an extraordinary musical odyssey, exploring various sounds and styles, ranging from gentle melodies to glitchy beats to futuristic electronic vibes. Although James Blake’s vocals occasionally grace the album, they serve as a luxurious addition rather than the central focus. Ultimately, this project is a captivating and unique sonic experience that demands attention from those who appreciate artistic experimentation and boundary-pushing in music.



2. Teezo Touchdown – How Do You Sleep At Night? (C)

In a somewhat perplexing listening experience, Teezo Touchdown, known for his genre versatility and lyrics that evoke a psychedelic vibe, displayed impressive moments and improvement areas on his debut album, How Do You Sleep At Night?. The highlights came when he embraced R&B, skillfully blending old-school and contemporary influences. However, his attempts to forcefully inject rock elements felt less organic, and some tracks like “Impossible” appeared somewhat subdued. Despite these mixed elements, Teezo Touchdown’s artistic identity and potential shine through, leaving anticipation for his future growth as an artist.



1. Tinashe – BB/ANG3L (B-)

Tinashe’s latest project, BB/ANG3L, might be her best work. The project perfectly balances contemporary and old-school R&B elements and blends carefree and vulnerable lyrics. Additionally, incorporating lo-fi and mid-tempo vibes adds depth to the songs. Overall, I feel like Tinashe finds the perfect comfort zone in this project.