Rating: 4 out of 5.

An energetic hip-hop track you’ll want to play on repeat.

Josh Alxndr is a 21-year-old artist from Charlotte, North Carolina native. With plenty of passion for his work, the emerging artist “is set to make waves in the music industry” thanks to his stunning creations. Josh Alxndr previously released the single “2037” and the EP Dreams That Follow Me. His latest drop is the hip-hop album FRWRD, which the musical creative calls “a compelling collection of 7 songs,” adding that it “offers listeners a glimpse into the introspective and multi-faceted world of Josh Alxndr.” The song “SRT” is one of the tracks featured on the new album.

With a mesmerizing blend of ultra-infectious tones and bouncy beats, “SRT” offers the perfect energetic backdrop to complement the track’s captivating exploration. Lyrics like “She giving me Hell but I take her to Heaven, She from the six but I gave her my seven” and “I’m using my force like my name was Eleven, She wanna be taught so I gave her a lesson” provides a playful sense thanks to some witty wordplay from the artist. With its passion-filled delivery and no shortage of ear-pleasing elements, Josh Alxndr gifts us an attention-grabbing hip-hop track you’ll want to hear on repeat. So press play and crank up the volume for “SRT.”