An evocative R&B tune that explores the frustrations that come with modern dating.

Kwaku Asante is a London-based multi-talented singer-songwriter who crafts stunning tunes that make a serious impact. With plenty of passion for his work, Kwaku’s “vivid storytelling and soulful voice stems from his childhood.” The singer “grew up in a gospel and jazz-filled household, played piano, and sung in a local choir.” Kwaku dropped his debut single in 2018 and has since released many EPs and singles. Some of his recent releases include tunes like “Strawberry Skies,” “Until The Morning,” and “Free Spirit.” Kwaku Asante’s latest drop is the nine-track album Blue Solstice: Volume 2, which features the song “Fun.”

With a wonderfully warm blend of infectious instrumentals and smooth and soulful beats, “Fun” offers the perfect evocative backdrop to complement the track’s emotional exploration beautifully. Lyrics like “You’re sitting at the end of my bed so frustrated, cause we took a little fun way too far” and “I thought we agreed that we were gonna keep it casual, Don’t you change the tide, Don’t mean to offend but my feelings ain’t changed” explores the struggles that come with modern dating. With vibrant vocals and funky, ear-pleasing elements, Kwaku Asante explores the ups and downs of dating and the frustration of one-sided love. So, press play and experience some “Fun.”