Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wildcard is a cold mutha… 

Wildcard is a rapper who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s also more than capable of kicking ass on the mic. In his most recent release, Western Promises, Wildcard shines by hitting us with impactful, powerful, and energetic music. One of the most impressive tracks on the project is “Western Promises.”

If you’re new to Wildcard (Like, I’m talking, never heard a song by him ever), I recommend you press play on “Western Promises.” This intro is edgy, explosive, and has these cold vibes that give me classic Western vibes. Additionally, what Wildcard does in the song from a rapping standpoint is hella impressive. Not only does he hit us with some pretty clever, witty, and unapologetic punchlines, but his flows are unbelievable, his wordplay is noteworthy, and his lyrical content, which revolves around his wins, losses, shaky relationships, and growth, is as powerful as it gets. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed after pressing play on the video below.

Give “Western Promises” a shot below.