Rating: 4 out of 5.

An evocative genre-fusion that powerfully captures the ache of heartbreak.

BB Thomaz is a multi-talented German-American singer, songwriter, and producer who crafts stunning tunes you won’t want to miss. With plenty of passion for her work, the New York City-born artist “shows her creative genius while touching hearts with her angelic voice and words without forgetting her Nigerian roots.” BB Thomaz has a “flair for acoustic soul,” and her unique sound fuses “Afrobeats with a touch of pop.” Some of her previous releases include tracks like “Don’t Care,” “Hush,” and “Diary Lines.” One of BB Thomaz’s recent drops is the genre-fusion single “Is It Too Much.”

With a striking blend of Afrobeats, soul, and R&B elements, “Is It Too Much” creates the perfect uplifting backdrop to complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “Feeling we’re miles apart, How did we get this far? Don’t want it to be true” and “Feeling us disappear, Feeling the end is near, But I want to be with you” offer a heartfelt reflection that powerfully captures the ache of experiencing a broken heart. With soft soul-stirring vocals and a wonderfully evocative sense, BB Thomaz gives us a transformative genre fusion that makes an incredible impact. So, press play and heal your heartache with “Is It Too Much?.”