Boyz Don’t Cry

Rod Wave

Negro, I just cried yesterday (My wifey told me I had to cut onions for dinner).

Rod Wave’s Nostalgia is on its way, first class. You can tell it was coming, too; he started doing mad interviews, the weather started to get chillier, and sad s**t started randomly. Even though Rod said he would stop making “sad-ass music” in the past, that seems like a lie because his latest single, “Boyz Don’t Cry,” is sad as f**k.

In “Boyz Don’t Cry,” Rod Wave talks about feeling like a hip-hop superstar who is an outsider in the world who is dealing with legal issues, family issues, and internal pain. What’s interesting about the song is that it features one long-ass verse and a brief chorus, practically giving the feel of a candid and gentle vent session. 

Man, this guy really hates being famous. Someone give his career to someone who wants fame badly. Someone give his career to DAX.