Bops Goin Brazy


I will get this out of the way immediately: I don’t love this song.

No mainstream artist is experimenting with their music more than Tyga. I’ve heard him on Latin bangers, birthday songs, anti-Christmas song, and more these past couple of years. The California native has truly been fearless. In his latest single, “Bops Goin Brazy,” Tyga channels his inner Vanilla Ice.

“Bops Goin Brazy” is powered by this flipped version of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” beat. Over it, Tyga, with the same coolness and slyness Vanilla rapped with in the aforementioned track, raps about putting his opps to shame, having a demon on his lap that probably isn’t Doja Cat, and being addicted to money and guns. I see what Tyga tried to do here (Especially in a world where everyone samples), but it just didn’t work for me (“Ice Ice Baby” is universally known as an annoying rap song). 

If Tyga flipped the “Go Ninja Go” beat, I would’ve been a happier camper.