Rating: 4 out of 5.

A heartfelt hip-hop track about losing the one.

East Atlanta native Vonte Vendetta is a rising recording artist and videographer. His music journey began on SoundCloud, where he uploaded one of his first-ever tracks, “Just Friends.” Over the past 8 years, Vendetta has been uploading new tracks on and off, growing from an amateur to an expert in the art of rapping. His recordings vividly showcase his deep love for hip-hop. Now, ready to show the world what he’s made of, he presents his official debut single, “Hannah.”

“Hannah” is a dreamy, hypnotic hip-hop song that delves into the theme of heartbreak and lost potential love. Reveling in the pain of a love that never fully blossomed, Vonte Vendetta delivers sharp rhymes filled with introspection and passion. Lyrics like “Should’ve never caught a feeling, now the woes killing me” and “Revel in my own destruction, ain’t no getting through to me” explore the profound impact of losing someone significant, which can erode one’s entire sense of self. With this track, Vendetta eloquently captures the various stages of heartache that anyone can relate to. To experience these stages in real-time, stream “Hannah.”