Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ducey Gold is ready to go Rambo on y’all!

Ducey Gold has the exact type of skills needed to become a superstar in the game. The North Carolina native has a unique voice, knows how to flow well, can put together infectious melodies, and, most importantly, has this carefree attitude overall that I truly think you need to have as a hip-hop artist these days. Some of Ducey’s most impressive tracks are “Love,” “Galaxy,” and “MAGNOLIA.” His latest single, “Better Alone,” is also gaining traction worldwide.

“Better Alone” is about stiff-arming all of the bad apples in your life and focusing on the good around you. Though I absolutely love the message Ducey provides us with, other things the song offers, such as the intoxicating, booming beat and Ducey’s feverish flows and infectious melodies, make me a fan of this smooth tune. All in all, these are the kind of efforts that tell me he has both now and next.

Give the very impressive “Better Alone” a shot below.”