Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Christian rap track expressing gratitude towards God.

Based in the DMV, Phil Derihl is a producer, film, and TV composer, as well as a Christian hip-hop artist. His musical talent emerged at a young age through activities such as writing poetry, playing various instruments, and performing on stage. Phil’s proficiency in music eventually led him to compose for networks like VH1, MTV, and BET. Now, driven by a strong faith in God and a desire to spread the gospel, he aims to reach new audiences who share his beliefs. “Whole Lotta” is his latest release from his new EP, No Regrets.

In “Whole Lotta,” Phil Derihl transforms his worship into an energetic celebration, infusing the Christian rap genre with authenticity and unwavering faith. Derihl employs skillful rhymes and an infectious beat to convey his deep connection with God. He articulates the extent of his salvation with lyrics like “Call when I need him, he’s always there when I call” and “He puts me back on my feet when I stumble, I prayed, and he cleaned up my mess, and he handled it.” Even for those who may not be religious, the song’s dedication and gratitude are readily appreciable. So, listen to “Whole Lotta” to experience a profound sense of divinity.