We break down Doja Cat’s best songs… Thus far.

5. Beautiful


If you weren’t streaming Doja Cat’s music in 2014, you might not be familiar with this one. “Beautiful” is a hidden gem that I believe deserves recognition. It boasts a killer sound that combines elements of old-school hip-hop and R&B, a style we can expect to hear on Doja’s upcoming album, Scarlet. On this track, Doja confidently celebrates her beauty and skills in rap, showcasing her prowess in rhyming and proving that she can hang with the big girls and big boys.



4. Payday


Doja Cat’s check at RCA must have cleared when she made this one. “Payday” is about, well, getting paid but also for Doja, seeing how far she’s come as an artist. The money doesn’t necessarily mean anything to her, but rather the opportunity she’s been afforded by it. She teams up with Young Thug, and the two really make an unbeatable pair.



3. Love To Dream


“Love To Dream” is a song to get lost in. This lovely track delves into the intricacies of love and the desire to escape into a world filled with romance. Doja once again showcases her versatility as both a rapper and a singer. She delivers striking, irresistibly catchy pop melodies, set against a larger-than-life soundscape. It’s as if Doja is planting her flag in the music scene, and we all live in her world. Additionally, it’s worth noting that she bears a resemblance to Tinashe.



2. Say So 


Did you think we weren’t going to include this? “Say So” is the song that put Doja on the map. Yes, there’s “Mooo,” but this song is where she was able to show she wasn’t just a gimmick artist. You might have tuned it out during the entirety of 2020, but once you play it back, you realize just how good it is. Doja birthed a new sound so influential a few artists tried to recreate it, hoping for a hit, and well, they failed. 



1. Need To Know


“Need To Know” is a f***ing BANGER! Doja shows just how versatile of an artist she is on this track. The way she delivers each line is entirely cathartic, not to mention the intensity and urgency felt within the song’s instrumentation. “Need To Know” is about getting the scoop on a potential hook-up before she takes them to bed. Doja is straight to the point and, like she said, can’t help but be sexual. If you didn’t hear this playing at every party or kickback in 2021, I don’t think you were attending the right ones.

This is one of Doja’s songs that has a billion streams (“Woman” and “Kiss Me More” both also have a billion streams).