Rating: 3 out of 5.

Lola Brooke and Bryson Tiller are a dynamic duo I didn’t know the world needed.

Lola Brooke literally looks like a chick with whom I got to second base in college. I wonder if they are cousins. Anyway, the Brooklyn rapper has had herself a pretty solid 2023. After dropping the very successful “Don’t Play With It” in 2021, she has kept her foot on the gas by hitting us with everything from hot-ass freestyles to blazing hot remixes to solid solo singles. Today, Brooke decided to drop perhaps her most impressive solo single: “You” with Bryson Tiller.

Everybody needs a love song on their resume, right? Rappers can’t always talk about partying and s**t. With that being said, I think “You” is the perfect love song for Lola Brooke. In it, she does her best Foxy Brown impersonation, hitting us with gritty raps that pair uniquely with her unapologetically lovey-dovey lyrics. As for Bryson Tiller, he’s the one who provides the track with infectious melodies and soulful vocals. All in all, I think “You” is impossible to hate.

Give “You” a shot below.