Rating: 3 out of 5.


How is Sexyy Red not the rookie of the year?

Sexyy Red is living the American Dream right now. Being her freaky, unapologetic self has allowed her to get some money, build relationships with the top rappers in the game, and slowly become a household name. Someone who’s already established himself as a hitmaker, MoneyBagg Yo, decided to call on Red for his new single titled “Big Dawg.”

Even though MoneyBagg Yo is the veteran, Sexyy Red runs “Big Dawg.” Not only does she hit us with a laidback but catchy hook, but she also drops a verse in which she gets her s**t off about the kind of dudes she hopes to attract. As for Moneybagg, he does hit us with a slick-ass verse that has him bragging about his ability to turn a girl out with his money or schlong. Will I call this song special? No. Will I call it a slight club banger that will ignite your ratchet side? Yes.

Give “Big Dawg” a shot below.