Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sheldvn and Revl Tvlk focus on themselves in this smooth banger.

Sheldvn is undoubtedly a highly talented musician. From the music I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, I appreciate his seamless blending of hip-hop and R&B elements, his ability to combine gritty rap verses with soulful crooning, and his knack for delivering passionate and authentic lyrics. His versatility is truly impressive. So, what are some of the songs by Sheldvn that you need to check out? “Lonely,” “slide?,” and “Learning To Move On.” One of his latest singles is “okay” with Revi Tvlk.

In “Okay,” Sheldvn and Revl Tvlk discuss moving on from an ex and leveling up by acquiring more money, more partners, and achieving more Ws in general. There are several aspects of this song that you will love. First, it features a smooth trap beat that is bound to make you nod your head and catch a vibe. Second, the infectious melodic raps delivered by the two artists will capture your attention. Lastly, you must admire the honest, authentic, and inspirational lyrics from Sheldvn and Revl Tvlk. All in all, I believe this smooth banger is a hit.

Give “okay” a shot below.