A soul-stirring R&B fusion that beautifully blends classic and contemporary elements.

KANDA is a multi-talented singer and songwriter from the UK who first began performing for others when he was only eight years old. Later, at 14, KANDA started writing and producing his own songs. With an active presence on the music scene, the artist receives plenty of recognition for his work. His unique style “uses his lyrical storytelling to speak about several socially dividing topics with the younger generation.” The songwriter also takes influence from artists like Bruno Mars, Rag’ n’ Bone Man, and J Hus. Recently, KANDA collaborated with multi-genre producer Maniscooler for the R&B single “Where I’ve Been” and its accompanying visuals.

With an ultra-inviting combination of classic elements and contemporary beats, “Where I’ve Been” provides a wonderfully dynamic backdrop that brings the good vibes in full force. Lyrics like “Gave you all you want, All you need, We were in the clouds, How could you leave?” and “All love, All the gifts, And now you run like I don’t exist, So baby I ask, What would you do for us?” offer up an emotionally-charged exploration of one-sided love. With its passion-filled, soul-stirring vocals and no shortage of lush, ear-pleasing instrumentals, KANDA and Maniscooler gift us with a powerful R&B fusion that’s ready to take you on a truly unforgettable journey. So, press play and experience the magic of “Where I’ve Been.”