A dancehall track that’ll bring out the flirt in you.

Hailing from Jamaica and now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kdon is an artist known for infusing his music with passion and vitality. He skillfully combines the distinctive sounds of dancehall, tropical afro vibes, and hip-hop swagger to create a unique and captivating musical experience. With each of his songs, he transports listeners to uncharted musical realms.

Kdon’s latest release, “We Creep,” is a pulse-quickening track that offers a lesson in the art of seduction and making the first move. His dreamy and entrancing vocals weave a hypnotic spell, taking the listener on a journey to another world. The dancehall beat carries sensuous and steamy vibes, leaving you yearning for more. Despite its slow pace, this song is sure to leave your heart racing by the end. “We Creep” is the perfect soundtrack for those flirtatious moods, so, hit play and immerse yourself in its romantic and tantalizing sounds.