A poignant hip-hop track that delves into the complexities of heartache.


Makeshift One is a versatile artist, skilled in multiple facets of music, including singing, rapping, producing, and playing various instruments. He has dedicated a significant portion of his life to his craft, exploring various musical genres, performing at shows, touring nationally, and releasing music. While Makeshift One’s heart lies in playing the guitar, he initially delved into the Australian heavy metal scene before transitioning to jazz and live loop-pedal performances. Throughout his musical journey, hip-hop and poetry have remained his enduring passions. Some of his previous releases include tracks like “Death Reborn,” “Take My Time,” “Ego Death,” and “Broken Record.” His latest offering is the hip-hop single “Star Crossed.”

“Star Crossed” boasts a delightful blend of tranquil beats and jazzy instrumentals, creating a soothing soundscape that harmoniously complements the song’s poignant exploration of romance. The lyrics, such as “She’s away for the weekend, She can’t wait to see me, But she’s hot and cold like the seasons” and “Head in the clouds but I’m stuck in the dugout, I’m better off ripping my heart out,” delve into the emotional turmoil of being let down by the person one loves deeply. With its ultra-chill lofi vibes and well-crafted narrative, Makeshift One delivers a compelling hip-hop track that leaves a lasting impact. So, hit play and immerse yourself in the heartache of a doomed relationship with “Star Crossed.”