Rating: 5 out of 5.

A powerful pop single that thoughtfully explores mental health struggles.

Meet EMMY, also known as Emmy Hartman, a 23-year-old artist known for crafting exceptionally unique tunes that break the mold of what you’ve heard before. Her journey to recognition began in 2017 when she went viral as “the girl who filmed her own emotional breakdown” after receiving a traffic ticket while en route to a concert. Over the years, EMMY delighted her TikTok followers with acapella covers of tracks by artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish. She officially marked her debut in 2021 with the single “STUPID BIG TEETH,” followed by the 2023 release “COOL GIRL.” EMMY’s most recent offering is the pop single “Crying In My Boots.”

In “Crying In My Boots,” EMMY skillfully combines melancholic and moody tones with melodic guitar, creating an evocative backdrop that perfectly complements the emotional journey within the song. Her lyrics delve into the experience of loneliness, depression, and the struggle to find light in the darkness. Through her passionate vocals and expertly crafted narrative, EMMY presents us with a profoundly moving pop tune that bravely explores the feelings of helplessness and being out of control. So, hit that play button and allow the words of “Crying In My Boots” to remind you that you’re never alone.