Rating: 5 out of 5.

An empowering R&B gem that encourages you to shine bright.

Moorea Masa & The Mood, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, hails from the musically rich city of Portland, Oregon, where her lifelong passion for music was nurtured. Her soul-stirring compositions offer a unique and captivating soundscape that reflects her multicultural heritage and diverse influences. She has embraced various musical perspectives with a history of sharing the stage with esteemed artists like k.d. Lang, Allen Stone, Big Wild, Rachael Price, The Motet, El Vy, and Nick Waterhouse. Moorea Masa & The Mood has extended her artistry beyond borders, gracing European stages during her tours. Her catalog includes notable tracks such as “When The Summer Calls,” “In The Mood,” “Lost & Alive,” and “Joyful.” Her latest offering, the R&B single “Magic,” continues to exemplify her distinctive musical prowess.

“Magic” by Moorea Masa & The Mood envelops the listener with its gentle fusion of soothing tones and relaxed instrumentals, crafting an enchanting auditory landscape that complements the song’s uplifting message. Lyrics like “How you hold it all, it’s hard to imagine, The way you expand, you’re made of magic, Don’t you apologize” and “Wish they could shine so bright, Trying to steal your light, But don’t let them have it” empower those who may have felt undervalued, encouraging them to reclaim their inherent strength. With its dreamy and captivating elements and the artist’s soft, soulful vocals, Moorea Masa & The Mood offers a compelling R&B gem that resonates deeply. So, hit play and let your inner “Magic” shine brightly.