Rating: 5 out of 5.

An ultra-catchy hip-hop tune that’s ready to sweep you off your feet.

Tracy Lamont, a versatile artist based in Virginia, is known for crafting eclectic music that caters to a broad audience while avoiding confinement to a single style. With a lifelong love for music, Tracy’s exposure to diverse genres from a young age ignited his passion. He began his musical journey by singing in a church choir and writing his own songs at the tender age of nine. In 2015, Tracy Lamont marked his musical career with the release of his debut album, earning recognition from notable outlets like The Source and AllHipHop. Fueled by love and motivation, Tracy’s music aims to entertain and impart knowledge to his listeners. One of his recent hip-hop releases, “Dallas Fashion Week,” features the artist P$O Kwama.

“Dallas Fashion Week” immediately engrosses you with its charming melodies and infectious dance beats, setting the stage for a captivating musical experience. The song paints a carefree picture with lyrics like “I know you want me, You know I want ya, The night getting colder, So come a little closer,” and “Ride through the city, I’ll be your chauffeur, We can get high, All through the night,” encapsulating the joy of cruising and cherishing the moment with a special someone. Tracy Lamont and P$O Kwama deliver a hip-hop gem filled with positivity and relatability bound to sweep you off your feet. Hit play and embark on an unforgettable journey with “Dallas Fashion Week.”