Set your volume to the max with this alt-rap track.

james., a versatile artist and engineer, has embarked on a new era of music under his rebranded stage name. To stay updated with all his latest releases and updates, follow him on Instagram @whereisjames. He’s currently working on an EP set to be released in January. In the meantime, dive into his new single, “break change.”

“break change” is an electrifying and contagious tune packed with the kind of energy that demands to be cranked up to the max to savor every unique production detail. Lyrically, james. asserts his financial prowess, highlighting his ability to whisk you away to Cancun and back. His trippy melodic flow breathes new life into cloud rap, reintroducing it to the mainstream music scene. The fusion of bold trap and alternative elements creates the perfect guilty pleasure for your ears. So hit play on james.’s latest single when you’re feeling on top of the world and don’t need to “break change.”