Rating: 4 out of 5.

An ultra-catchy pop tune that’s totally charming.

Kahone Concept is a multi-talented pop artist and producer from Pittsburgh. Initially beginning his musical journey in 1969, the artist “taught himself how to play a variety of instruments throughout his childhood.” He later started independently recording and producing his own creations. Some of his recent releases include songs like “I Like You but Don’t Talk,” “Shut Up and Let it Go,” “Who Cares if I Sing,” and “I Can Do Better Than You.” Kahone Concept’s latest drop is the pop single “In One Ear and Right Out the Other.”

With an instantly immersive blend of ultra-catchy beats and hypnotic tones, “In One Ear and Right Out the Other” creates a wonderfully vibrant backdrop to complement the track’s lighthearted exploration perfectly. Lyrics like “I’ve got plans you don’t have to bother, I’m doing okay, I like do it my own way” and “Looks good, sounds great, I’m not looking to collaborate, It’s not up for debate” reflect on the frustrations of having your feelings disregarded. With its delightfully dynamic soundscape and lack of witty wordplay, Kahone Concept gifts us with an upbeat, charming pop tune. So, press play and hear what happens when things go “In One Ear and Right Out the Other.”