A rich track that tells a story of resistance and independence.

V V Brown, a native of Northampton, is a versatile British artist known for her roles as a singer-songwriter, model, and producer. Her musical journey was shaped by her early exposure to jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie. Brown’s innate musical talents led her to pursue classical and jazz piano lessons at a school of musical arts, where she also honed her vocal abilities. Remarkably, she received her first record deal offer at the age of 14, and several more followed before she eventually signed with Island Records.

V V Brown achieved significant success with hit singles like “Shark In The Water,” which climbed the charts in England, France, and the United States and sold over 1.5 million records. Now, she is gearing up to release her fourth studio album, titled “Am I British Yet?,” scheduled for October 27th. This album delves into themes related to race and politics. Her latest single, “History,” is a neo-soul track that not only imparts knowledge about black history but also celebrates the resilience of the community.

“History” opens with a captivating sample of slavery work songs, which leads into V V Brown’s powerful vocals as she narrates a story of emancipation and freedom. With a resolute delivery and a candid approach, she delves into the history of her ancestors and their fight for freedom, making this song a heartfelt tribute to them. Despite the weighty subject matter, Brown infuses the track with a joyful and uplifting spirit, creating a contemporary gospel that resonates with the current generation. “History” offers a liberating perspective on a future marked by independence, making it a must-listen track.