A bittersweet pop gem about guarding yourself from potential heartbreak.

NOEL, a 20-year-old artist of mixed Swedish and Norwegian heritage, found his calling as a singer and songwriter after a knee injury disrupted his dreams in sports. He turned to music as a new avenue to express his passions. NOEL’s transition from a childhood deeply rooted in football to a flourishing music career is a testament to his resilience and adaptability. His musical journey began with the pop single “When You’re Not Mine,” and he now presents his latest release, the pop single “Headed North.”

“Headed North” provides a mesmerizing fusion of melodic instrumentals and evocative tones, crafting the perfect melancholic backdrop to complement the song’s heart-wrenching reflections on romance. The lyrics, such as “I’ll take the first train headed north, Before it all goes sideways, We’ll leave our feelings on this floor, And save our hearts some mileage,” and “Let’s try to keep this nice, Keep it how we saved it,” weave a poignant narrative about preemptively ending a budding relationship to shield against potential heartbreak. NOEL’s emotionally charged pop composition delves deeply into themes of love and vulnerability, offering a profound and relatable listening experience. So, hit that play button and let the sentiments of “Headed North” resonate with your emotions.