An upbeat West Coast hip-hop creation that delivers a motivational message.

Dephree, hailing from Los Angeles, California, is a multifaceted artist known as a rapper, activist, and spiritual warrior. With a profound passion for his craft, his unique style shines through in each of his distinctive creations. Some of his prior releases encompass songs such as “FEELS,” “Concan (Go Hard),” “DM from ur Mom,” “Ving Rhames,” and “Start Again.” One of Dephree’s recent offerings is the West Coast rap single “Mando,” featuring a collaboration with LA-based alternative rapper, singer, and producer Voli Contra.

Brimming with a delightful fusion of vibrant piano and punchy beats, “Mando” sets the stage for a high-energy backdrop that harmonizes with the song’s emotional journey. Lyrics such as “I’m gon’ live the dream, Can’t slow my roll, I’m gon’ stack, Stack this cream, One thing I know, Baby that’s Mando” and “This for everybody on the mission, Sacrificing for the vision, Heard the naysayers didn’t listen” convey an inspirational message, urging us to persist through challenges. With their dynamic delivery and a plethora of infectious elements, Dephree and Voli Contra present a potent rap single that leaves a lasting impression. So hit that play button and let the lyrics of “Mando” inspire you to pursue your dreams despite any obstacles in your path.