A soul-stirring alternative tune about holding on to a dying relationship.

Marco Luka, a burgeoning musical artist hailing from North Carolina, brings forth a distinct style that shines through in each of his unique creations. Among his previous releases are tracks such as “paradise,” “do me wrong,” “pretty little lies,” “feel the same,” and “rewind.” Luka’s most recent offering is the alternative single “protect,” accompanied by an official music video.

“protect” features a captivating fusion of haunting tones and laid-back instrumentals, crafting a dynamic backdrop that perfectly complements the song’s emotional depth. Its lyrics, such as “I’ll protect the world from you, And you’ll protect the world from me” and “We’ll just stay in this cage we used to want, Have each other here to hold,” delve into the pain of clinging to a fading relationship due to the fear of loneliness. With soothing vocals and hypnotic R&B elements, Marco Luka delivers a soulful alternative track that vulnerably explores inner turmoil and the transience of love. Take a listen and experience the unraveling of a romance that has lost its spark in “protect.”