Rating: 2 out of 5.

What the hell is this?

Megan Thee Stallion is back to focusing on her music career, which is refreshing to see. I mean, s**t, if I were hated the way she has been for these past couple of years, I would’ve probably hid under a rock somewhere in Sedona. That said, I think Megan’s “Bongos” track with Cardi B was a great way for her to make a total return to the music scene. Today, she decided to keep her momentum going with the release of a brand new single called “Out Alpha The Alpha.” 

“Out Alpha The Alpha” sounds like a dirty version of a Fraggle Rock song (Y’all remember Fraggle Rock, right?). Not only does it feature this playful instrumental meant to make kids jump around and s**t, but you also get very elementary rap flows from Megan The Stallion. As for lyrically, Megan talks about getting what she wants out of guys sexually and treating them like they aren’t s**t at all. While part of me thinks the song is empowering, another part of me thinks it’s pretty bizarre (Calling it bizarre is being nice).

I don’t want to hear this song again.