A hip-hop track that describes an extraordinary love.

Seattle native Shug Hzy is an artist who’s working to empower others through his music. He made his debut in 2019 with “Artificially Fine,” to an audience already cultivated from popular skits he posted on social media. Since then, he’s been perfecting his craft and releasing tracks filled with personal experiences that anyone can relate to. He has been highly active this year, releasing three new singles and a full-length project titled “Trouble From The Deep End.” Now, he makes an epic return with the single “More Than Plain.”

Shug Hzy combines his skills in rap and singing to create sweet melodies and killer verses on his latest track. He lets his voice shine through by placing it against a smooth yet modest R&B production. As for the song’s theme, he eloquently expresses the indescribable feelings of having someone whose love completely envelops you. Wherever he goes, he knows he’s safe with that love acting as a guiding light. He beautifully represents what exceptional love can feel like. With each new release, Hzy evolves in his world-building and storytelling, as shown in “More Than Plain.” So, press play and listen to Shug Hzy’s new single for a taste of the excitement that love can bring.