This house track will exceed all your expectations.

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Frantik is a singer, rapper, and producer. You’ll never be bored listening to his music, thanks to his ability to blend hip-hop, emo, alt-rock, R&B, and punk into one cohesive sound. He brings vivid storytelling and catchy melodies to his listeners while exploring themes of love, despair, and resilience. His hope is to inspire others to find their voice and identity through his music. Frantik’s latest release is the vibrant single “JEALOUS.”

“JEALOUS” is a song that will reinvigorate you and infuse your spirit with its stimulating sound. Its experimental beat takes you on a journey through time and space, as if you’re at the most epic rave. In this infectious track, Frantik finds himself on the dance floor, grappling with his jealous tendencies. The non-stop party beat serves as his personal confessional, revealing the inner turmoil within his mind. By expertly blending his musical influences, he has created a track that effortlessly captivates and mesmerizes every listener. If you’re heading to any exciting parties or raves this weekend, “JEALOUS” is the song you should have on your playlist!