A hip-hop track that’s full of dilemmas.

Hailing from New Jersey, James Aris is an emerging rapper who made his debut in 2021 with the single “Lemon Pepper.” This authentic hip-hop track boasts a smooth flow and hard-hitting lyrics. Since his debut, James has maintained a consistent output of singles characterized by rich sounds and verses full of depth. Aris is an artist unafraid to collaborate with fellow musical talents to create compelling tracks, having worked with artists like Kiana Mariah, ZAAY, and Chris Patrick. His most recent release, a collaboration with Chris Bino, is the single “STRESSIN (James Aris Remix).”

On their new single, James Aris and Chris Bino grapple with various dilemmas. While Bino sets the song’s context with melodious swagger, Aris takes on the beat with his animated flow. Haunted by past mistakes, they attempt to navigate their issues with lines like “Probably my last chance if we should have it, but I’m in hell” and “Talking to God like I need a chance.” Despite their stress, Aris and Bino have masterfully crafted a single that reflects the everyday challenges we all encounter in life. So, if you’ve been feeling particularly tense, take a break and indulge in the immaculate vibes and sounds found in “STRESSIN.”