Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pusha T wants to do some pop s**t before he pops n***as (I know your moves, brother).

Pusha T is one of the scariest rappers in the game today. Not only does he talk about dealing drugs like the ultimate mafia boss, but when he has beef with someone, he always seems to take the nuclear route. That said, every once in a while, he does do some pop s**t. In the remix to “All Eyes On Me,” the Virginia rapper goes toe to toe with pop singers and a colorful instrumental. 

“All Eyes On Me” has this nostalgic, intergalactic feel that makes me want to take ‘shrooms, do Batman’s old school dance, and wear funny glasses. While Pheonix does a good job of blessing the track with soothing, infectious vocals, it’s Pusha T who provides the competitive, aggressive, braggadocios and drug-dealing-related raps. Initially, the mix of the two sounds felt a bit weird to me, but as the song plays on, it started to click with me.

Give “All Eyes On Me” a shot below.