Rating: 4 out of 5.

A reggae pop track that spreads light and love.

Hailing from London, Julz West is a singer and songwriter who initially kick-started his career on YouTube by covering popular songs. He began uploading videos in 2010 and has since steadily grown his audience to over 180k subscribers. In addition to his music career, West is also an actor who has appeared in prominent films like “The Little Mermaid.” Over the past few years, he has been dedicated to crafting his original music and providing backing guest vocals for artists such as Ed Sheeran. Now, he’s ready to introduce his fans to a new aspect of his artistry, drawing heavily from his Caribbean heritage. “One & Only” is his latest single, radiating a burst of sunshine.

With its body-moving drums and laid-back vibes, “One & Only” is destined to become your go-to song when you want to escape and unwind. Julz West’s soothing vocals transport you to idyllic tropical islands where your mind and body can find respite. Lyrically, West beautifully conveys the sensation of having someone who brings an irreplaceable light into your life. Lines like “That smile caused me to fall right into your world” and “And I have a feeling that I only experience here with you” are enchanting expressions of his deep affection for this person. By blending classic pop and reggae elements, West has created a delightful tune that instantly uplifts your spirits. So, give “One & Only” a listen for a track that shines brightly and celebrates the concept of finding the one.